You Can Make a Difference

Some worthwhile charities put donations in terms of what $100 buys – schoolbooks for a year, food for a month, 30 immunizations, or a single latrine. That’s an effective way to understand just how far your money goes.

But in our case, the measurement is very different because your impact goes beyond a single purchase. You are contributing to a country’s broad and fundamental healthcare infrastructure, which has a far more profound and lasting impact.

Small Budget; Maximum Impact

Operating on a budget of approximately $750,000 per year, we currently work in programs reaching 55 million people. You help us put in place a permanent system that will benefit not just a few people… not just those alive today… but this generation and all those that follow.

Your support means in Rwanda a mother will be able to cook with oil that will help prevent her daughter from becoming blind. It means in Nepal a small-scale miller will sell fortified flour that will reduce the number of maternal and infant deaths. It means in Liberia, Malawi, and Burundi healthy children will grow up to be healthy adults.

Clearly, every penny counts for an organization like ours. Please consider making your hard-earned charitable dollars reach the most people in the most profound way. Our only constraint to reaching more people is the size of our treasury. We won’t stop doing our work until we run out of money or people to serve. If you provide the financial support, we’ll do the rest.

Ways to Donate:

You can use the Paypal button above or send a check to:

Project Healthy Children
125 Cambridge Park Drive, Suite 301
Cambridge, MA 02140

Thank you for your support!