Founded in 2000, Project Healthy Children (PHC) is a small nonprofit that assists government and industry in designing and implementing countrywide, market-based, mandatory food fortification programs.

National Fortification Programs

The entire process takes us between three to five years for each country and begins with a door-to-door survey of the population to determine food consumption patterns. With this information, we use our expertise to recommend what foods should be fortified, with which micronutrients, and at what quantities. Once the levels are determined, we work with industry to assist them in implementing the policies mandated by the government. Finally, we help the country design and implement a monitoring and evaluation system to ensure appropriate amounts of premix are being added to the food and to assist governments to ensure that years from now the policies adopted by their country are still being implemented and are having an impact.

Small-Scale Fortification

Despite the increasing adoption of large-scale fortification programs throughout the developing world, however, a large portion of individuals living in rural and remote areas do not have access to centrally processed foods and therefore do not benefit from large-scale fortification programs.

Sanku, our small-scale fortification program, addresses this critical gap, reaching some of the most vulnerable members of the population.