Felix Brooks-church

President (Sanku)
Having spent four years living and working in Sihanoukville, Cambodia as the Project Manager for the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project, as well as the past several years with PHC, Felix has extensive experience operating at the village level and improving underprivileged communities. Felix also has a Bachelor of Arts in Geology from Oberlin College, and a background in engineering and product design. He was also a varsity football player (but at Oberlin, so that doesn’t really count.) Felix is responsible for PHC’s Small-Scale Fortification efforts and is currently based in Tanzania. Born in Ibiza, Spain and raised across four continents as a youth, Felix sets the PHC record for number of countries visited (48). /// CONTACT FELIX

David Dodson

When in the private sector, David co-founded PHC with Stephanie Dodson. A few years later, he made the decision to leave the private sector altogether and devote his time and attention to the enormous but solvable problem of vitamin and mineral deficiency. A graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Economics and a graduate degree in business, David is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of PHC. We refer to him as “Silverback,” which he thinks is because he has the strength and command of a male gorilla, but is in fact in reference to his hair color. David is also on the faculty of Stanford University, where he teaches courses at the Graduate School of Business. /// CONTACT DAVID.

Elvis Gakuba

Country Coordinator ~ Rwanda & Burundi
Elvis is a descendent of Rwandan refugees and was born and raised in the tiny eastern African country of Burundi. After the ’94 Tutsi genocide and liberation war in Rwanda, he returned to his home country with his family. Elvis holds a Masters in Project Management from Cambridge International College. Before joining PHC, he worked for the Fulbright Foundation Research Project as a Research Project Officer. He rose through the ranks, later becoming the Deputy Country Director in Rwanda for The Hunt Alternatives Fund with The Women Waging Peace Network. Believing that he should live his life to serve others, Elvis has hosted a radio show to help financially needy children access better health care and volunteered with Every Child, aiding children from Burundi and Rwanda to access better educational opportunities. He is also a die-hard soccer fan. /// CONTACT ELVIS.

Arthur Pagiwa

Country Coordinator ~ Zimbabwe
Arthur began his professional career as a District Nutritionist in Zimbabwe under the Ministry of Health and Child Care. Following that, he joined the World Food Programme as a Field Monitor Assistant before being promoted to the position of Senior ProgrammArthure Assistant in the country office where he was an integral part of the program planning and designing and implementing monitoring and management. He holds a diploma in Food Science Technology from Bulawayo Polytechnic College, a BSc in Nutrition from the University of Zimbabwe, and an MSc in Strategic Management from Chinhoyi University of Technology. Currently, he is studying for his Master of Public Health with Africa University. As you may have guessed from his extensive education and career, Arthur believes there is greater need for cooperation in the fight against malnutrition to avert suffering and preventable loss of life. However, he still makes time to relax with friends and family as well as to cheer on his favorite soccer teams. /// CONTACT ARTHUR.

Laura Rowe

President and Chief Operating Officer (Project Healthy Children)
Laura has over 10 years of experience in international public health and nutrition. As President of PHC, she guides internal operations and leads the organization’s technical efforts in the design and implementation of national food fortification programs across a diverse portfolio of countries in East and West Africa. Prior to PHC, Laura designed management and leadership training programs for health care professionals in Ethiopia and Liberia with Yale University and worked on various nutrition related projects throughout India with UNICEF and the ICCIDD. She is member of several global working groups focused on improving the regulatory monitoring of fortification programs. Laura holds a MS in International Nutrition (Food Policy and Applied Nutrition) from Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and a MPH (Global Health) from Tufts University School of Medicine. When not talking about micronutrients, Laura spends her time running, biking, and sailing whenever she can. /// CONTACT LAURA.