2 boys, b&W copyWith additional funding, PHC hopes to focus on three specific areas:

1. We are committed to providing program assistance to countries in which we currently operate until the food is adequately fortified and the government owns and operates the programs. Therefore, we hope to continue our current work in Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, and Liberia until that time.

2. Seeing firsthand that one of the biggest gaps in national programming is understanding and ensuring product compliance and learning that this challenge is felt globally, PHC hopes to scale the Fortification-Specific Management Information System we have designed (currently used by they Government of Malawi) so that other national programs can benefit from a streamlined approach to capturing compliance data and making program improvements in a timely manner.

3. Knowing that individuals living in rural and remote areas of many countries do not have access to centrally processed foods and, therefore, cannot benefit from large scale fortification efforts, and knowing that many of these individuals are the most at-risk population, PHC hopes to expand the Sanku small-scale fortification project, first, throughout Tanzania (where our program currently operates) and then regionally. The goal is to reach the most vulnerable with critical micronutrients using a technology and business model that has already proven effective.